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Watch كل اروابط هنا اضغط على كلمة مزيد لتظهر لك لاتنسى الاشتراك بلقناة حبايبي رابط ثغرة اطفل: كود طفل : This user violates the rights of the child and FB تاني 2- تغرة ابتزاز : كود :رساله الاولى Hello, I want to tell you that this person Adinina The Bamadaigta and threatened me and that person is sane or not qualified to Facebook or mentally ill, and should take the thing about it because it is causing a threat to Facebook, and thank you for your effort to make you Facebook security and strong thanks رساله الثانيهـ Hello, I want to tell you that this person does not use his real name Blfaspock, uses this name as a fake and he forged his name when he joined the company Facebook, please take something about it Hetta does not cause harm to the participants of the remaining company Facebook, and thank you for Matbzlouna of effort in order to make you Elvis Thanks strong and Security

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