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Watch My Youtube Channel Link : My Facebook Page Like : For the lovers fleeing from home, this temple is safe, the police can not even hold here The lovers fleeing home have been suffering so much around the world. We have heard and seen that many times this lover couple does not even have any shelter to hide their head and take away the lovers fleeing from home. Peoples eyes change too, but in Himachal Pradesh, a temple where lover joints ran away from home, is given shelter to live in the village of Shangarh of Kullu in Himachal. Vata Shangchul Mahadevs temple is believed to give shelter to the beloved couples fleeing the house. This temple is as ancient as the Mahabharata period. Lets know that after coming here about this temple no one can spoil him. Many people in the Pandav Kalyan Shangarh village Historical monuments are one of the only one here, the Shangchul Mahadev Temple, in the border of Shangchul Mahadev, if any kind of lover doubles If he reaches, then he can not spoil anything until he is in the limits of this temple. Which has once been considered as refuge The boundary area of ​​the Mahadev Temple is about 100 bigha comidaan, as soon as a lover joins the couple, it is assumed that he came to the Gods shelter. Until the cases of lover couple came here, till the matter was resolved, the Pandit lover of the temple For the sake of couples, in 2015, there was a fire in 20 statues and 3 houses suddenly with a temple at midnight. This temple was built in the time of Pandavas during the Dwapar era. Programming had been made that the building above The polices coming too is forbidden There are restrictions on the arrival of the police in this village which are following the rules of its heritage; At the same time, there is also prohibition of bringing liquor, cigarettes and leather goods here without taking any weapon and neither any kind of fight It can not be said in the quarrel and loud voice that the deitys verdict is acceptable here. It is said in the village that Pandavas stayed here for some time at the time of the unknown After being chased by them, Shongchul Mahadev stopped the Kauravas and said that this is my area and anyone who comes in my shelter can spoil some of them, from fear of Mahadev, Kuruvas returned from there till then till today A man or a lover left the society, here comes to take refuge, Mahadev supervises

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