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Watch My Youtube Channel Link : My Facebook Page Like : The Chinese army, feared by the name of this Indian soldier, was taken from China alone for 72 hours. During the 1962 Indo-China war, Chinese soldiers were fast moving towards India with their nefarious intentions. His eyes were on grabbing Arunachal Pradesh. In the same episode, when he reached Arunachal border, he encountered a young Indian soldier who was ready to stop him in any case. The name of this brave soldier was, Jaswant Singh Rawat Although China won the 1962 war, it is very much afraid of Indian soldiers. In his dream, Hav Jaswant Singh Rawat still falls into the dream. In the dream, Jaswant Singh comes and says, Just show me by climbing once. You had cut my neck. Our soldiers are sitting here to kill you. Jaswant Singh says in the dream of the Chinese soldiers, I should fight with birds, fight one hundred and fifty lakhs, and then I would say Gobind Singh name ... and then the eyes of the Chinese soldiers open and they begin to run away from their bunker. Shaheed, Veer Jaswant Singhs dream is enough to defeat China. Rifle Man Jaswant Singh was the soldier of the Indian Army who, in 1962, had released six Chinese chains in the Battle of Noorang. At the turn of the road near Jaswant Sela Top, he was stationed with his light machine gun. The Chinese repeatedly attacked their post but they did not accept the retreat. It was only in 1962 that when Chinese army Jaswant Singh and his companion Lanshanayak Trilok Singh Negi and Gopal Singh were wreaking havoc on Gondais bunker, then the three colleagues decided that they would not give up and teach China a lesson. But two soldiers of Jaswant were killed in the attack by Chinese soldiers. Jaswant still did not give up and dragging the Chinese Medium machine gun, he brought it to Indias post and turning the mouths of guns to the Chinese for three hundred meters, dusted the Chinese for 72 hours. Chinese Chinese thought that there was a large army of soldiers on Indian posts, while Jaswant alone was releasing six Chinese chhakas. And in this war Jaswant was helping two girls, Serra Noora. Jaswans Singh is the only one reported by Chinese commander informers, he was so angry that after separation from Jaswants death, he separated his torso and took his head to China. Affected by the bravery of Jaswant Singh, or by saying that China itself had built a statue of Jaswant Singh and presented it to Indian soldiers, which are still present on the border. Indian Army is still promoting Jaswant Singh after his death. With the first promotion, the army gave him the title of the hero and then the Captain and then the Major General. Jaswant Singh is from Uttarakhand. Therefore, once a year, the army discharges them. Army has made up the memorial in memory of his gallant soldier Jaswant. Five Army soldiers are busy in their service. Now, after the death of a country where the military protects the border, before China can take an eye on the country, it is desirable to fear China many times and it must be scared.

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