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Watch My Youtube Channel Link : My Facebook Page Like : 5 perfect ways to get rid of baldness The problem of baldness is increasing rapidly these days. The problem of baldness is also seen in young people not only in the elderly. Apart from pollution, eating disrupted due to the changing lifestyle is a major cause of baldness due to the person being busy.  Today, we are going to tell you five precise remedies to get rid of it, which you can achieve liberation from baldness. You adopt these measures, and see those days will come soon when you see the hair while waving on your head. These are 5 ways to solve the problem of baldness Onion juice Onion juice is the most effective medicine to bring hair on bald head. Remove the juice of fresh thirst and filter it well with clothes. After that, place this juice on the head, where there is baldness. After 15-20 minutes you can wash the head.  Using this kind of a few days, new hair will start growing on your head. If you are going to fall after you, then they will also stop falling. Curry leaf Kadhi leaves are very helpful in relieving baldness. Usually it is also called sweet neem. The use of kadhi leaf regularly in the food also eliminates the baldness of the person. By boiling the curry leaves of coconut oil, massaging the oil turns the hair dark and dark. Regular massages start to grow new hair gradually. Oyster oil Usually kalangi used in the kitchen is a very potent medicine. New hair has grown in the head by applying Kalanuji oil regularly in the hair.  Kalanuji oil gets ready in the market. Kalanuji oil is a panacea for balala. Kalanuji oil can also be used in coconut oil by mixing it in equal amounts. Amla and lemon Applying on the place where the baldness has come in the head of Amla and lemon juice, the hair starts to grow again. Massively massage your head in the same amount of amla and lemon juice before bathing daily.  Let the juice dry in the head for 15-20 minutes. After that take a bath. You do not need to have any shampoo and soap in the head. Amla and lemon make hair soft and silky. Eruptions of baldness This may sound strange to you. But it is 100 percent correct that hair gets nutrients from Mehdi. Hemorrhoids help keep the hair healthy and it helps to heal hair and eliminate baldness. You have to add amla juice to the place of water in Mehndi.  After this, put a henna in your head well. Remember that Mehndi is natural. Wash it after drying it. Applying henna on your head two or three times a week will cause hair to appear again on your head.

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