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Watch My Youtube Channel Link : My Facebook Page Like : Umesh Yadav, who was in Ashok Vatika of Ravana, was also wife Tanya The third Test against Sri Lanka will begin on August 12, before the fast bowler Umesh Yadav reached Ashok Bhatika of Ravana with his wife Tanya. On the Instagram, Umesh wrote with the picture, Hanumanjis big footprint in Ashok Watika. It is believed that when Ravana had defeated Mata Sita, he spent 11 months in Ashok Bhatika. At that time there were many huge Ashoka trees. However, today only one or two Ashoka trees remain in this vatika. Instead of sitting on the feet of Mother Sita, there is a temple built here. Not only here from India, Sailians also come from other countries. In Asoka Vatika, there are two huge footprints, which are now kept from yellow paint after moving slightly further from mother Sita Kund. It is believed that when Hanumanji arrived in Lanka in search of Mata Sita, it was his first step in Ashok Bhatika. Hanuman had handed him the ring sent by Sriram to Sita. These marks give evidence of the same.

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