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Watch My Youtube Channel Link : My Facebook Page Like : Know how much Sunil Shettys business and how much do earnings Sunil Shettys birthday happens on August 11. After giving back-to-back flop films at the box office, Sunil Shetty is going to start his new career again after a long break. Sunil Shetty has made her new debut with reality shows Indias Real Champions on the small screen. Surely, Sunil Shetty has definitely been away from films for some time but she is the familiar name of Bollywood. Along with that he is also a successful businessman. Know how much Sunil Shettys property is and how much she earns. Sunil Shetty has worked in about 110 films. These include films such as Then Hera Ferry, Dhadkan, Yeh Tera Ghar He Me Ghar and Gopi Kishan. Sunil Shetty has played the role of business in many films but she is a successful business man in real life and not only in real life. Sunils business is so big that he earns about Rs 100 crore every year. There are bars and restaurants named H20 in the posh area of ​​Mumbai, which is not only popular with celebrities but also among the common people. The Long Island Tea found in their bar is quite famous. Apart from this, there are Sunil Shetty restaurants in South where Souths special dishes also get avidupi. Apart from this, Sunil Shetty has a boutique of her own. There is also a production house named Sunil Shettys Popcorn Entertainment. Sunil Shettys wife Maan Shetty also does business. Her home décor named R House in Worli area of ​​Mumbai.

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