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Watch My Youtube Channel Link : My Facebook Page Like : So many people continue traveling for 66 years, they will go to the place where they meet. What will happen if you keep traveling for 66 years? What will be the impact during your visit that this idea can be applied to your mind and heart only by this incident in history. In the past history, one such thrilling event had occurred, in which 104 people had disappeared mysteriously and they went back in about 66 years of time. This event begins on June 14, 1911, when a train named Jaanati from Rome was sitting in 106 passengers sitting there. After the departure, the train had to pass through a tunnel of 1 kilometer long before reaching the hill station near you. But there was an accident accident with this train that he went inside the tunnel but could never get out. She mysteriously disappeared inside it. Even before entering the tunnel, two passengers jumped out of this train, both of which escaped but went on a long journey with 104 passenger trains. When the police and the officers of Rome knew about this incident, they took cautiously and stopped the tunnel from both sides for ever. The families of the disappeared passenger and the police tried to find them in every way, but no train was detected or neither of those passers. One of the train passenger got a report in the archive record of 1926, knowing that all were stunned. According to this report, 104 people were admitted together in a psychiatric cell in Mexico in 1845. No one knew who 104 people were and where they came from. But the shocking point was that all these 104 people were Italian. All these were saying that these people have come from Rome. After the statement of these people and the incident of 66 years later, in 1911, with the passengers of the Jenetti train, the incident coincided. The most interesting thing was that the incident happened in 1911, how can the victims of this incident be 66 years back in 1845? The most mysterious thing was that if they obeyed the statements of these 104 people, they had traveled from Rome to Mexico with a train. Everyone will be surprised to know that the distance from Mexico to Mexico is approximately 10234 kilometers. Between these two places there is a vast sea and many ocean. How can a train make such a long journey through water? Explaining the statements of 104 Italian people, when the list of ships and their passengers coming from Rome to Mexico and the year 1845 and its surroundings was removed, then that list did not mention any of these individuals. Then, in that madhouse, the inhabitants of the same country who came from a single tongue came together, from where the residents came. Things and clothes of all those people were not consistent with that time. One of these Italian people also had a Tobacco box which was written in 1907 with the name of the company. This box is still confiscated in Mexico. After all, the mysterious train disappeared from that tunnel. After all, how did 104 passenger pass 66 years back and why the train did not meet till today Many people claimed to have seen that train so far in many parts of Italy, Russia, Germany and Romania. It comes out suddenly and disappears while running on the railway track. All eyewitnesses say that they had seen that train suddenly appeared in front of them and it has three compartments. When this ghost train was seen in Poltava in 1991, a paranormal investigator present there ran into the train and always disappeared forever. Even today, the search for that investigator continues. It was a ghostly event or the train is really moving back and forth in a time-loop. After all, who were 104 Italian people, their brain condition was spoiled. One of the unsolved lapses of history is also this that can not be resolved till date.

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