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Watch My Youtube Channel Link : My Facebook Page Like : Bizarre but truth: At last, the disappearance of the cave reveals the disappeared people There are many quaint things in the world that you find nothing to see, some of which are very common, some are very startling.  One such mysterious thing that we have brought for you today. Listen to the strangeness of this thing, believe your senses will fly away. Yes, today we are going to tell you about all the strange things from around the world that strange incident that is not only considered very mysterious but it is a mystery that despite the efforts of scientists and scholars today even today Unsolved until It is said that in todays world of technology, where science has advanced a lot, no one has yet been able to screen it on this incident. Anyone who goes to the cave never comes back This world is surprised by the strange things that you have come to. On this issue through your post, today we are going to introduce you to a strange cave which is believed to be in its own way, goes  But it does not come back again. Yes, yes, it may not be possible to hear it but it is true and it is not a mysterious cave, but it is one of the many innumerable places in our country whose mystery is unsecured so far. Inside the cave is a very spectacular view Located in the state of Jammu and Kashmir in India, this quaint and mysterious cave has a length of about 150 meters. Let me tell that on the inside of the cave, it is divided into two parts where on one side Lord Shivas natural Shivling appears. On the roof of the cave above the cave, the look of the cows thorny face emerges clearly, from which continuous miraculous fluid keeps on falling on Shivlinga. In this cave is the abode of Lord Shiva According to the spiritual gurus, in this cave, Lord Shiva still lives in a nirakari form. The significance of this cave also increases because this cave also comes in the path of Amarnath yatra. While visiting Amarnath, devotees and pilgrims do not forget to visit this cave, but no one can dare to go inside this cave.  Perhaps this is why the government has stopped a portion of this cave. Now you should be thinking that after all the people who go inside disappear suddenly. Lets know about this mystery ... So no one comes back after going to the cave ... Since the cave has begun to become precipitated by the people, the government has stopped the second part of this cave. The devotees who come here also believe in it. That the second part of this cave has been discontinued because no person visiting here can ever come back. According to the recognition, it is also said that anyone who enters the closed part of this cave Shivdham gets it. The mysterious cave relates to Baba Amarnath .. For information, please tell that this cave is completely dark, its width is being told about 1 meter. Some people also believe that the closed part of this cave opens up directly in the cave of Amarnath. Before Kalyug, there was no such cave .. It is believed that before the Dwapar era, devotees used to visit Amarnath through this cave. But no one knows what happened to anyone who entered this cave only since the beginning of Kalyug, he never came back. Because of this the entrance of the cave has been closed by the administration In fact, it is said in this story that some sadhus showed their love for years and moved towards the closed cave but they never came back. Since then, it is so prevalent that every person who has gone to this closed cave did not come back Shivkhi Shrine Board itself does not deny this strange mystery, but they believe that there is a lack of oxygen in the cave, so whosoever goes inside it does not return.

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