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Watch My Youtube Channel Link : My Facebook Page Like : Sad: This porn star told you that you will not know what you see in porn. Seeing sex, hot, kiwi, hussein and blossoming girls on their screen, where many people make their heart happy, then some people become habituated to see all these things. There is no tour to it that people have bigger joys Watch the porn, go to the bathroom and turn off the screen after coming back. It is just a matter of few hours to relax, but the real condition of these girls who are willingly sex on screen People know and probably want to know not only l Japans famous porn star Saki Cozai is one of those girls. Six years ago, when a model Scout offered her a job on Tokyos road, Saki felt that her dream was about to be fulfilled, but perhaps she herself It was not an idea that it was a big blunder. Then Saki was only 24 years old. The 24-year-old girl was told to get a job in a promotional video, then she, like an on girl, To have contracts signed in print l after he had an idea of ​​the fact he is a cheat l Although today they have become a major porn star l Source Let us tell you that the 30-year-old Sakis have now got their names included in the girls who are making their voices out of Porns scary shadow. She is not only speaking openly that she did not go to the porn industry herself, Rather, he is also accusing the fact that he was forcibly pushed into this swamp. If you talk about the data, Japans porn industry has hundreds of billions of dollars, but only the industry pays Received last is not really l 6 years ago, while signing the contract, Suki herself did not even realize that the company she is giving to her is actually a modeling agency. They did not know her real work on the first day of the job, she actually knew that sex in front of the camera He has to do it himself. I could not pick up my clothes. I was just crying, but there was no way out of it. 15-20 people standing near me waited for my clothes to be taken away. Any girl caught in this business could not say no in such a situation. It has been seen that porn movies have a lot of craze in Japan. Their method of porn is very decent. But the horror of porn industry is rarely talked about. In this industry, there is a star in front of the name of porn artists. But in his life there is hardly anything except darkness. We watch Salman Khan and Sunny Leoni on the screen and they are very busy, even till they sneeze. December becomes But porn industry girls are not considered humans as l In case of victim girls, girls in porn films have been forced to do Bustulal sex for their sake and they have demanded an unconditional apology by the industry. In the days of Japan, many such brokers are arrested and forcibly taken illegally from the girls. Girls like to do porn movies like that. Like the Saki, those girls also think that they are going to model, but stardom They are eaten immature girls cheat in Alc l Similar to Saki, another girl who had become a victim of this swamp also told her story, which was signed without assigning her work. She told me that the agency continued to persuade me for months, when I had no choice When I did this dirty work, I felt very sad, but the production team did not stop. They kept doing their work. Let me tell you that most of the girls working in the porn industry are 18 to 25 years old. They do not know much about legal contracts, due to which they fall in this mud, so many girls would have lost their bad life In the event that whatever happened, it was their fault. According to the survey, 30 thousand porn movies are produced in Japan every year. It may seem like, but the way Saki is going to make a case on her previous agency, the confidence is really worth it. If there is a voice, then it is possible that things will improve.

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