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Watch My Youtube Channel Link : My Facebook Page Like : Jackie Shroff was so afraid of that night that Taboos life did not work together  All of you know about the film star and the point of view of Dara Singhs ex-wife wife Farah and Bollywoods famous actress Tabu. Lets say we have a story about Tabu who is in the headlines but its truth is tabu seal Not that the knowledgeable people of the industry say that this story was very startling with Tabu. The talk was in 1986 when actress Farah was doing Diljla with actor Jackie Shroff. During that time, her sister Tabu also used to go on shooting with him. Lately, her film is a part of the films co-star Danny. According to actress Farah, one day while being intoxicated, Jackie Shroff tried to force Tabuba, then Danny intervened in some way and then cooled the case at that time. But Farah became so disturbed by this incident that on the next day he gave this news in the media. There was an uproar over this issue in whole Bollywood. The future of the film was seen in the future and somehow Tabu came and took it This misunderstanding has been termed as lenght. The whole matter has changed in such a way, or it is said that the entire matter was flooded. The effect of this sentence was so much that in his entire career, Did not work with the Shroff l The effect of this case was on both Jackie Shroff and Tabu, where another Jackie did not make any connection with any actress after this incident. Secondly Tabu was so scared by the media that despite the fact that Sanjay Dutt did not do a lot in the film He did not take this thing into the media, while at the same time it was on everyones face in the industry.

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