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Watch My Youtube Channel Link : My Facebook Page Like : The five people who were caught watching at the sight, lying in the hall on the track Five persons were killed in the gruesome accident and three were injured due to negligence on Sunday at Sawai Madhopur Railway Station. Four of them died on the spot and one died in the hospital. As soon as these people, hanging from the coaches, came out of the train, the superfast train passing through there was in the grip of the train. Know and ...  Travelers from the train at Sawai Madhopur railway station were on the platform number one. They landed on the rooftop side and then they got into the grip of the train passing through there. Four people died from this The injured were taken to the hospital where one died during the treatment. Such an accident - Jaipur-earnest train stopped at Sawimadhopur railway station platform number two. On the platform number one there was a train standing first. There is a fast track between donations platform. - Due to the festival of Rakhi, a large number of people are traveling in trains. For this reason the train was full of passengers. - Because the passengers were crowded, they got down on the Rong side. Only then did Garba Express from Fast track. The speed of the train was very fast and the passengers who landed on the rooftop side got into the grip of Garba Express. - There was a screaming cry out there. Police and railway officials reached the help. Four dead bodies and the injured were taken to the hospital where a passenger died during the treatment. Afti-Tafri on the station - There was a rumor and screaming call at the station as soon as the incident took place. - People started running around Immediately GRP and railway officials arrived there and took medical aid. So killed  The deceased and injured passengers had reached Jaipur from Sawimadhhopur. They were all sitting on the roof of the train. Whenever festival happens or that happens when there is no place in the train go down on youth roof of the train. There is an electric track at Sawimadhopur railway station. Can not sit on the terrace there So these people are pulling the chain on Kherda just before the Sawimadhopur station. After this people get hung of train coaches or engines wherever they are found. In this condition, Sawai reaches Madhopur. The accident happened due to this. People were hanging out of the coaches outside the coaches. Also stop at the train station they Wrong landed on the side and then passed Garba Superfast Express from there. Five persons were killed and three were wounded when the Garba Express hit them. Dying to the surrounding districts  Dying dead are from nearby districts, including Karauli, Sapotra, Sawai Madhopur. It is believed that these people had come to their house with rakhi but were caught in the accident. Sister sitting near the dead body of her husband After the accident, a woman is sitting on her husbands dead body. Her husband was cut off the train. He was in a bad condition by crying. The passengers were handling it, but they would often become disturbed.

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