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Watch Khem Huot was Veasnas father, born in 1920 died in 1972, a dentist. born in a rich family. Khem Huot had 3 wives. the first wife got two children, and then died. the second wife got married a few months and then divorced. the third wife He found himself. the last two wives were pretty and rich. but he told that How much the glasses is, but they dont suit me, here are the glasses from the street but they suit me. those two wives pretty and rich but not suit my views. After marrying Sek Heng who was a girl in a poor family. Khem Huot was no longer reconized by his parents as son. Huot was also a person who familiar with dhamma. He taught his wife not to kill animal. when he got married with his wife. He told his wife that I want only two children and I will go to die. His wife thought he was kidding. but when he had got two children and Veasna was 6 years old at that time. He went to die. Sek Heng was Veasnas mother, a vendor and also a dentist. Sek Heng born in 1944, died in 2016 she was younger than her husband 24 years. She had nine siblings. she was the second child in family. Sek Heng told Veasna that your dad to me he was not only a husband but a thankworthy person, a teacher and a god rfI, rfa, VOD, VOA, LDP, League for Democracy Party, Khem Veasna, Pu Veasna, ខឹម វាសនា, ពូ វាសនា , Kem Sokha, Sam Rainsy, Hun Sen

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