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Watch When choosing Palazzo and lagging, pay attention to these things Nowadays, every girl likes ethnic wear. Because it is said that by wearing ethnic wear, he feels comfortable with himself, as well as his beauty and more sparks. Nowadays, girls prefer to wear luggings, dhoti pants and palazo with kurtas instead of kurta, scarf and salwar. Girls, if you do not want to become eligible, then pay attention to these things while wearing it. . Palazzo If you are fond of long kurtas, then you always wear it with Palazzo. If you wear it with a short kurta then it can spoil your good looks. Lagings You do not forget to wear lugging and do not wear short kurtas. Lagings looks good only with long kurtas, it can spoil your look with short curtains. And whenever you wear laggings, take care of its color. If you take lagings of skin color then those who look for such a take it good that you are wearing something. Transparent Salvar You can wear the Inner inside the Transparent Kurt, but with the Transparental Salwar you can not wear the inner. Then, if your kurta flies in the strong wind somewhere then it can be difficult for you. Therefore, the Transparent Salwar broke the attention.

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