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Watch Learn what the top jeans will look like Perfect! Nowadays, jeans are an important part of everyones wardrobe because it can be worn anywhere. As well as being rough-tuffed, it is also convenient - if you want to get out suddenly, wear jeans and ready! Thats why it will not be wrong to say Second Skin to it.  Nowadays there are so many genes in the market - skinny, straight cut, high west etc. that we buy jeans from hobbies, but then it gets confused and there is a lot to think about what to wear with it? So your problem is we remove.  We tell you what kind of jeans you should wear with regards to top. So team up your jeans with these beautiful tops ... lets start their styling jar ... Croppad Jeans Crop jeans gives a playful vibe; wear it with a gully T-shirt for a cute casual look;) With it you can wear semi-formal shirt or sleek black tank-top (silk top will look great). But if your legs look naturally short, then heels are mastered - heels like pumps, nude wedges or ankle length boots will look great with it. High West Jeans High Rise Jeans looks very classic and chic, and these are the only such genes that look good on everyone. High heels with high heels show your leggs longer. It comes in many fit and cut.  But a classic can give high waist jeans you upscale professional look with casual to- Wear it with feminine tailored shirts and yes!  Always tie the shirt so that you can flatten your waist, or what to wear in the high west :( Wear a thin belt with this look and complete this look with high heels (pumps). Boyfriend Jeans If the boyfriend jeans has a little masculine feel then it can be styled in a Tom Boy or Girlie Look. Wear it with a loose crop top, leather biker jacket, and ankle length boot for a rough look.  Due to being comfortable and chic, these jeans are perfect for casual date or outing - so accessorize this masculine jeans with the Cute Gurney Top and Gurni Belerina.  Skinny Jeans Ever since these jeans have come in trend, it is probably the most available genes and there will be at least one in your wardrobes !! It can wear T-shirt, tank top, delicate party top, shirt with everyone.  Wear it with a Delicate Party Top (like Silk Peplum Top) for party look. Wear casual look-t-shirts, tank-top or shirts with belerina, wedges or heels. Straight fit jeans These jeans mostly spread on all and therefore it can be styled like Skinny Jeans. The only difference is that these jeans mostly suit body type. Wear it with any top but wear it with wedges or heels. Flared jeans These jeans remind you of retro look and this is a great option for you. The shirt fitted with this jeans will look good. Jeans is flared from the bottom so do not wear top loses. Do not forget to wear heels (pumps are very good on this). Ladies now your confusion will be reduced !! So give your genes a little more stylish and chic look the next time and be prepared to get a lot of complementes;)

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