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Watch Aam Aadmi Aam Aadmi has reprimanded, said, If you are a hero, will you abuse anyone? On the day the film industrys own actors or actors are in the news of some controversy. Recently Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput was entangled with a car driver on the road of Mumbai. According to the information received, Sushant Singh Rajput was passing through the film city of Goregaon in Mumbai, and then a little while away from the film citys gate, another car driver, trying to overtake Sushants vehicle, wanted to take a U turn. Suddenly, Sushant got annoyed after taking a U turn and started abusing the driver. On this, the car driver also stopped Sushants car and lied to him for a long time. During this time there was a huge crowd on the road. After this, Sushants car came out from there and the crowd was dispersed. After this, Sushants car came out of there and the crowd was scattered.

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