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Watch Show Pahadar Piya Ki: 9-year-old Ratan said this about the 18-year-old wife Since the Sony TV show Watchdog Piya Ki has started, there has been controversy since then. Talk about the story of the show, given the 18-year-old girl in the show and Ratan married 9-year-old boy. During a recent interview, Afan Jameel Khan, who played Ratans role, was asked how he was offered this serial, how he felt by working in this and how he had experience working with Diya. Recently when Afan was asked how he felt by working in this serial, he said, It is very happy, because I am very young and now I am just beginning. I have got a good roll, but there is a problem too. In this show, I have to wear a dress like that, it is very stingy and there are lots of heat in it too. After this, when asked how the serial was offered, he told that Actually I was doing extremely before Sonys serial. In this I have seen the childhood role of lead actor Kushal Tandon. When the serial watchman Piya Ki was being selected for Sony, the casting director of this serial had seen my work in Huge. They liked my work, so they selected me in the role of Ratan in the show Watch Pia Ki. About the same, Rattan said that Diya is very cute and also my best friend. I am enjoying working with them. At one time we both were playing so many games that the director broke. For the episode in the show at the moment, we will see Rattan and Honeymoon going on. Now it is to see what will happen if this unique couple goes on honeymoon. Because there was already a lot of controversy about the story of this show.

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