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Watch In Los Angeles Ghost Captured In Secret Camera Girl was doing fun in the room with friends, later when the camera was seen ... A Utu star was having fun in a room with his friend. But, later, such a truth came to light that their senses were blown up. In Americas Los Angeles, YouTube star Christine Di Amore was having fun in a room with two of his friends. They did not know that there was a reading camera in that room. Whatever they did during this time, they were recorded. Later, when they found out about the secret cameras and saw the recording, their senses were blown up. Actually, in that video, show them something that they did not realize at all. This is the whole case ... According to a website, Christine stayed with her friends for a long time in that house. He said, When we were sitting on three beds in the video, someone was saying, hello, why are you all in my room? When he heard this sound while watching the video, his feet fell flat ground, because at that time he had not heard this voice. There was no other than them, neither was the TV running nor YouTube at that time. Then whose voice was it? When they were sitting on the three beds, the piano itself kept playing there itself. Neither did anyone accidentally fall in it nor had a timer set in it. Then how did he suddenly start playing? Later, when the case was investigated, it was discovered that in the house where the people were staying, there was the first house on the land in which five people of the same family were murdered. This murder took place in the year 1969. After this incident, the house was demolished and a new house was built. It is being speculated that his soul is still wandering the same even today.

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