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Watch You Will Not Believe This Terrifying Antarctic Worm Species Is Real Alien is not really present in these dangerous creatures, it is 3,000 feet below. This strange worm exists in Real Life. Its name is Ulagisca gigantea. There are many such creatures in the world, whose question remains on their existence. This is because nobody has seen them till date. Or if you have seen it, then the eyes do not believe. Photos of such a creature are getting viral on social sites these days. The depths of the sea are its home ... You might be thinking the creature you see in this photo is fake. Or you might have felt like this is a picture of an alien shown in a movie. But let us tell you that this strange worm exists in Real Life. Its name is Ulagisca gigantea. It is found in the depth of three thousand feet in the sea. Its existence has been found mostly in the Antarctic Ocean. These horrifying scary insects are related to the Polynoidae family, which means scale scale. The body of this worm has many thin layers. Hiding prey This worm looks flat. Most of the time it runs behind sand and stones waiting for prey. Soon after hunt, he waits for his next victim. So called aliens Scientists also call this worm as aliens worm. For a long time, it did not even know its existence. But when they got it, they did not know what was the account for a long time. You will also be afraid to see the sting near its mouth.

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