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Watch After the womens peak incidents, people are afraid of this thing now For some days now, there were incidents of topping women in all over the country, including Rajasthan. After this, there was a sense of fear among people, especially women. Now there is a different kind of case in Rajasthan. Now the incidents of throwing explosives in the houses of people are coming out. According to the information, the cases of explosive throwing of houses in the Nagaur district of Rajasthan are increasing steadily. On August 5, after an anniversary, the explosive was thrown at a house on Saberpur road in Baroow on Sunday night. There is information on roof collapsing and cracks in the walls. While reporting the matter to the top officials, Makrana has been involved in police investigation. According to the information, the incidents of attack by throwing explosives on peoples houses in Nagaur district are increasingly increasing. This is the second such incident in a week. A sudden burst of explosions in the room above the residence of Babulal Soni, a resident of Borodh, on Sunday night, and the roof-topped room collapsed. In other rooms of the house large cracks came. After the incident Makrana police reached the spot and inspected it. At the same time, the FSL team and the special team have been called on the spot so that the explosives can be sampled, the police team is stationed on the spot and is investigating. Looking at the situation, the fear of throwing explosives on the roof of the house. People are shocked to see such incidents happening continuously.

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