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Watch If your home has also grown around this tree then understand that there will be no money If your home has also grown around this tree then understand that there will be no money There is also the health benefits of tree, peal, neem etc. But there are many more benefits of these trees in astrology. They have certain types of trees which are called Banda, if any of these trees have grown in the vicinity of them, then your luck has been opened. Bandha plant means that from any tree they grow under tree. Grows in their shadows. It is said that if these plants grow around you, then they get relief from problems by acquiring happiness and property. This tree is not around then you will not understand the lack of money To get the money, you should keep the bunga of Gunalar in the Rohini Nakshatra of any month and keep it in your house safe. You will receive great grace of Lakshmi and there will never be any money for anyone in the family. At the same time, in the East-Phalguni Nakshatra, keep the pomegranate in Bandar on any day, it will remove all your financial problems. If you have constant problems in your work, then you should put some mango bam in Ravi-Pushy Nakshatra and keep it in some corner of your house. This will make your work work. If you are not getting the fate of luck again, then worship the goddess Pipal in Ashwini Nakshatra and then keep it at a quiet place in the house. This will remove your misfortune. If you are always sick, then people of Peepals house in Ashwini Nakshatra can bring home. First of all worship, then half of the body of a sick person should be tied in a clean red cloth. The disease will start to go away.

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