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Watch This one thing can shine by wearing in thumb. It can shine by wearing it in thumb. Wearing different types of gems in the hands in astrology, many types of defects are eradicated. Every finger is connected to some other planet. Therefore, in relation to the position of concerned planets, rings are worn with some trusted metals in those fingers. Likewise, you can wear a small thing in your finger so that your luck can shine. In Hinduism, silver is considered as a very pure and influential metal. Silver is used in many forms and it benefits man in every way. It is believed that silver was born from Lord Shankars eyes. Venus is giving a bad impression, so wear it If the horoscope is giving a bad impression in your horoscope, then the person has constant problems related to wealth, intelligence and health. It makes the life of a person unsuccessful and miserable. At the same time your relationships are also associated with Venus. If Venus is poor then there are problems in your family life. If life seems to be taking a bad time in your family life and love life, then believe that Venus is in a bad state in your horoscope. In astrology, silver is related to the Moon and Venus. In astrology, thumb is considered to be associated with Venus, so its effect is fully visible on your physical life. So you can keep the planet quiet by wearing a silver ring in the thumb. These metals only allow its auspicious fruits to come to you and due to Venus, keep the negative energy coming from your life away from you. It is best to wear a silver ring right hand in the lower finger. Keep these things in mind Keep these things in mind 1. Before wearing the ring of silver, know that as pure as it is, the better it is, the better it will be. 2. Do not mix any other metals in silver except gold. 3. Those who have emotional difficulties, use silver to be careful. 4. Silver is always best for Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Silver is not very good for Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Silver results are common for the remaining quantities. We do not claim on the information given in this article that they are completely true and accurate and adopting them will give expected results. Prior to adopting them, please consult experts in the relevant field.

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