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Watch At Baba Raghav Das (BRD) Medical College and Hospital in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, 63 patients including 26 children died in 2 days. Because of this, due to stoppage of payments, the supply of oxygen giving company is being stopped. A 9-day child also died in this episode. When his father asked for deadbody, it was said that the officials have come, so after their departure, they will give. At the same time, the mother of the deceased fell down on the feet of CO and said, Sabad baby died, now give her body. Not even told that your child will not be left anymore ... Nandlal, father of the deceased 9-day child, says, After 9 days of the lack of oxygen my child died. Do not even tell doctors 1 hour ago that your child will no longer survive. - Now he is not giving his dead body too. They are saying that the officials are all coming, after they leave, will give them. For 3 days Baba had also demanded blood from Gorakhnath. At the same time, the mother, crying, took the feet of Chori Chaura composition Mishra and said, Sabad baby died, now give her body. After this, about 4 hours after the COs delivery, the childs dead body was handed over to the family. - Tell us, Gorakhpur Yogi is the parliamentary area of ​​Adityanath. Gorakhpur DM Rajiv Rawaila has confirmed the death of children. - This hospital was built in 1969. On the other hand, some media reports claim that there was an accident due to the stoppage of oxygen supply in the hospital. Pneumatic pump Hatha, a resident of Kushinagar told that the child had died before the deficiency of oxygen, but the doctors were trying to pump them in a deliberate manner, so that they did not know. Daughter had died on Thursday night. Here, the Zahid of Gorakhpur told that doctors had started pumping after oxygen was deficient, but his daughter could not escape happiness. Neglected this accident....

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