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Watch Greatest Sri Lankan spinner Muttiah Muralitharan, who has taken the most Test and ODI wickets in the world, may be the owner of crores, but his father still sells biscuits at the railway station. Yes, Muralidarans father Sinnasamy runs a small factory in which he hired some people. They sell Sri Lankan in many different sectors by making biscuits there. In an interview given to a newspaper, Sinnasamy told that he does not use son Muralidarans name for marketing of biscuit. They can double the business by doing this, but they can not do this Explaining the reason behind this, Sinnasamy said, I do not want to use my sons name. I can not harm her for my benefit. He told that Muralidaran has endorsements of biscuits from a large Sri Lankan brand and he does not want Muralitharan to stop the earnings from them. Tell you that even if Muralidarans father does not use his sons name in business, people of Palekel know that this brand belongs to Muralitharans father. Despite the luxurious house and son-in-law, thanks to the son, Muralitharans father has won a very simple life. They always appear in a white loin.

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