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Watch One night, the world was left behind in the biggest Badi, forgotten and forgotten. Chand Bawdi, located in Abhaneri town of Dausa district, is quite fond of its own due to a different identity. Although wells nowadays have been talking about old age. The construction of Chandni Bawadi of Abhaneri was done in the 9th century by King Mihir Bhoj, who was also known by the name of Chand. For this reason, the name of this child was Chand Baadi. Many wells and babawars are mentioned in history but it is the deepest part of the world. This bawdi is deeper than 100 feet, which has 3500 stairs in the form of a maze. If one forgets by placing his little thing on these stairs, he can not reach that place quickly because this stairs are a lot of forgotten type. The beautiful statues of Ganesha and Mahishasur Mardini, situated in two lakes built on the lowest floor of the Baivdi, make their beauty beautiful. There is also a cave in this Baudi, which is about 17 km long. It is located in the nearby village of Bhalaraaj. It is said that this tunnel was used by the king and his soldiers during the war. It is situated near the Harshat Mata Temple. It is said that there is no religious relation with Chand Baadis Harshat Mata Temple, which led to the construction of this Bawdi right in front of this temple. Chand Baawadi, Alundas Baawdi and Bhandraj Ka Baudi were built in one night. These three tunnels are related to each other and this heritage is famous as the countrys biggest and deepest name. This is a picture on every wall in the wall which enhances the beauty here. It is said in Chand Bawdi that once a procession came here and entered the cave present in Baudi. After which he could not come out due to the cave forgery.

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