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Watch Why does your half-fast seem to have Ravanas monstrous As you all know, Ravana had kidnapped mother Sita by deceit, after which Ravana had brought Sita to Lanka, which was told from Ravana to Mother Sita at a place named Ashok Bhatika, where Mother Sita met with a demon named Rhegata The mothers who kept the attention of Sita as their daughter, and always saved Mother Sita from harming the demons. It is believed that when Sri Ram, Lakanan and the entire Vanar Sena were leaving Lanka instead of conquering their conquest of Lanka and saving Mata Sita from the clutches of Ravana, when Shri Ram was going to attack Ayodhya, whenever mother Mata Sita became emotional, the demon Trigata Hugs and asked them to ask for a boon but after refusing to do the monstrous radius, mother Sita gave this blessing to Rakshshi even whenever there is no fast in the world and the day after the fast Interest will eat with Lssan half circle will take you to your next birth be very good | Hearing this, water in the eyes of the demonic radius came flooding.

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