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Watch What was so like in this bike that everyone was surprised to see The bike runs all of us. We all have seen a variety of bikes. But in Bhiwadi of Alwar district, a bike came in front of people that everyone was watching. Seeing the situation spread like wildfire and thousands of people gathered on the spot. So lets know what was so special in that bike. Where is the case This is the case of Bhiwadi of Alwar district. Here a person came to the Cosmos Society to meet his friend. He came on the bike. When people saw the bike they panicked and reported to the police. All the officers have reached the spot and seized the bike. The reason behind the seizure of the bike is confiscation on the basis of doubt only. Because this bike was electric and there was a lot of batteries in it, which looked a bit more when viewed from a distance. The rest you see in this photo itself, what is there in the bike that caused a rumor.

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