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Watch It is difficult to touch the idols of this temple, know what is the reason for it! It is believed that the idols of this temple are touching, people can not touch it and then touch it. This temple can be seen in Chhindgaon, situated near the Indravati river, situated about 35 kilometers from Jagdalpur district headquarters in Chhattisgarh. Actually this village has a Shiva temple in which some statues of 10th century have been kept and the villagers do not touch these statues. This is because, since 70 years ago, his king had ordered to not touch these idols. The plank of the kings order is still hanging in this temple. Apart from the old Shivling in this temple, old idols of God Narasimha, Natraj and Mata Kankalin are also kept. The villagers believe that if they touch these idols then they will be curse, so they are afraid of handing down these idols. In this temple, there is also the order of Raja which was written by digging on the teak wood, in which it has been written in English and Hindi language that It is strictly forbidden to remove, distort and break the statues of the Bahukam Bastar State Court. The guardians of this temple say that King Shiva of Bastar has been coming to the pavilion of this village for many years for worship and he also made many attempts to preserve the idols here. Now the efforts are being made to bring these old statues in the museum to the museum, but the villagers have often been opposing it and they have also refused to place these statues. After that the people of the village and devotees do not touch the idols of the temple.

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