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Watch To save the rain, in the temple where there is refuge, there is a sense of distress ... In Rudraprayag, five people, on the Bansibara-Kandara motorway road, stood in the shelter of the temple by standing their vehicles to avoid rain. But then there was disaster over the temple. According to the information, landslides were caused due to rain on the Bansibara-Kandara motorway. Five people walking on this route stayed at Bhairavnath temple near Kandara. He set his car and bike on the road outside the temple. All the rains were waiting to stop. This left hill hit the landslide and the big stone and debris started falling from the hill. As soon as the sound of the stones heard, the sadhus and the five people here managed to escape and somehow managed to save lives. While 2 cars, 1 jeep, 1 scooter and 1 bike have been damaged by debris and stones. In the area, there was a lot of confusion in the area due to the incident information. Here, no one could come here for some time due to the absence of heavy rain and darkness. After rain stopped, SDM Ukhimath GS Chauhan along with the locals reached the spot. SDM Ukhimath GS Chauhan said that during the landslide six people lost their lives. While 5 vehicles have been damaged. He said that the incident was inspected by the team of administration only at night on information.

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