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Watch Reel game Whether the game always remains in the discussion for some reason, whether it is Olympic Games or cricket, life is also a game or you work very hard but still do not get success, but like life keeps moving, life is like that. , If the game is important in life So where are our films also untouched? The story of many films revolves around the games. The success of Dangle and Sultan film shows that in India, cricket has started taking seriously besides cricket. Movie on riot wrestling wrestling The result is that organizing league matches from football to kabaddi, which is giving money to players and also to recognize them. Perhaps it is the result of the game that after playing a family drama, the game itself is a subject in which Bollywood has shown its experi- ence. The chess player, made in 1977, was based on Premchands famous novel, but on the pretext of chess, this film depicted the time of British arrival in India and the attitude of the Nawabs. Hipp Hum Hooray, created in 1984, Put on big screen Necklaces and wins are associated with every game but the game is not left to be afraid of defeat. It is important to play the game. If these visas are taken down in our lives then life will be tension free. Chess players Other sports based on sports in the eighties of the eighties were Buxar (1984), All rounder (1984), Kabhi Ajbani Tha (1985) and Malamal (1988), in which all the subject matter was cricket by itself except Buxar. Let us remind you that this was the time when India had won the World Cup of 1983 and gradually the magic of cricket was started to raise the voice of the people. Boxar The nineties can not be considered as the best in terms of sports. There were only two films whose story was inspired by sports, the top number (1992) cricket, And the one who won the same was based on Sikander (1992) Cycle Race. Then came the 2000s decade many things in the world and the game had changed. Changes in their rules to make the games played in the floodlight at night And this was the time when the rules of our life were changing mobile and multiplexes Who can forget Lagaan In this era of change, there was a change in the films since the Jitendra and Lina Chandavkars badminton match of the Hamjoli film. There has been a lot change since the decade of cricket in this decade,  First of all, it is necessary to mention Lagaan (2003), which was the first film to realize the power of traditional Indian cinema. Apart from the sentence, Stumped (2003), Iqbal (2005) Hatikril (2007) Salaam India (2007) ), Dil Bole Hadippa (2007) was such movies and Dilip Hadeeppa on Untouchables like Womens Cricket The reason for the creation of more films on cricket is the passion of people towards this game, so Chak De India (2007) brought a new perspective on the screen of the movie which was completely new and unique, womens hockey  The film set new records of success and filled a new passion for hockey in the people. It is not that movies are made by keeping in mind the popular sports three cards: playing cards, tara rum pum: racing, striker: karam and lahore: kick Boxing based films, which are in Diversity Games, are also seen in our films. Run Milkha Run In 2013, the biopic part of the famous runner Milkha Singh came to the audience in the name of Milkha Part This episode was released in 1984 on Marikom on female boxing after the thirty of the film on male boxed, which was based on the life of the woman Boxar Marikoum. Both of these films were highly appreciated by the audience, due to which films like Dangal and Sultan The way was clear that such films could also be seen Maricom But cricket is more popular now on the surface of the behavior but the kind of support people are getting from the support of the league matches of hockey and kabaddi should be expected soon, coming out of the film screen, Indian will behave in every kind of sport. But if the game is played with the game spirit then play the game of life in the same way. If you lose today then you can win tomorrow and if you win today then you can lose tomorrow, then what do you say about the game of these films I will tell you in the comment box below

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