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Watch Akshay Kumar and Land Pednekar starrer Toilet: A Premkatha has been released. These romantic comedy films, produced in the direction of Mr. Narayan Singh, have somehow supported PM Modis Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. Recently, Shri Narayan spoke specially to Nexa News and shared the experiences associated with the film. When the director screamed at the renewable - During the shooting, Akshay was angry enough. Actually, when we were going to Mathura shooting station from Delhi, during that time, Akshay had taken some other way and had reached that place six hours later. - The rest of the team members and we had reached the place within two and a half hours. - In such a way, Akshay had enraged me for why he was not guided for the right path. Because of this, the reward of Rs.1 crore kept on tongue cutting - When we were shooting the film in Mathura, people there had come for Protest, he said, adding that the film was against his culture. - That is why he also rewarded that anyone who would cut my tongue will be given Rs 1 crore. - After a few days after the shooting started, he gradually understood the concept of the movie.

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