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Watch My Youtube Channel Link : My Facebook Page Like : In Hong Kong Teacher Sends I Miss You And I Love You Texts To 11 Year Old Student The 11-year-old student used to teach such a message, like this A teacher in Hong Kong used to make quite objectionable messages to his 11-year-old student. Recently, an objectionable picture with a student of Helakandi of Assam had been viral on the social site. However, the ones who are embarrassing about the relationship between the teacher and the disciple often come forward. Something similar happened in Hong Kong, where a teacher used to make strange messages to his 11-year-old student. Miss you and love you was the message ... According to a website, a teacher of the Yuen Long Primary School used to make enough objectionable messages to his students. The case was revealed when the elders elder sister made the screenshot public on social site Facebook. It is said that the girl has recently finished her primary schooling. The accused teacher used to call the victim as Gods or Goddess and always kept the message. The accused teacher often used to write Miss You and Love You when you laugh if you laugh. Not only this, the boy continued to give advice about how the girl could attract towards him. One day the teacher brought a dollar for her and began to insist on taking forced selfies. After all, the victim girl got fed up and told all the things from her big flowing. After this the matter reached the principal. At the same time, when the principal started questioning him, he said in his cleanliness, He is like my daughter, so I used to care so much. The teacher has been suspended after the matter has been revealed. At the same time, the girls mother has complained to the teacher and the school has done the education bureau. Both are still investigating the case.

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