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Watch My Youtube Channel Link : My Facebook Page Like : After getting married in this country, why do not the groom and bridegroom get toilet for 3 days, why?  This is a very strange kind of ritual, which becomes a challenge after marriage for the bride and groom. As many countries are running such practices, so many rituals, some strange rituals are being performed by people of Tedong community of Indonesia. These people do not allow the bride and groom to use the toilet for 3 days after marriage, it is believed that doing so will weaken the relationship between the groom and the bride. That is why they keep the bride and groom in marriage after marriage and allow them to use restless after completing 3 days. Indeed, the people of this community here say that the ancestors had started this tradition, which is still going on till now, to save them from evil and after marriage for long lasting marriage. In order to fulfill this ritual, they also keep a watch on the family or relative bride and groom, and for the strict adherence to this rule, the minimum food is given for 3 days. This does not require them to use toilet. In the present period, people of Tidong community in Indonesia are fulfilling the ancestors determination by fulfilling this strange ritual; many of these evidence have been found in Indonesia many times.

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