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Watch My Youtube Channel Link : My Facebook Page Like : This girl has become the youngest grandson of the world The strange events in this world get the name of the tradition. Child marriage has been banned in all countries. But still in the name of the tradition marriage is done at a young age. In Romania, banjara people get married at an early age. A woman there has become a grandmother at the age of 23, because her 11-year-old daughter ran away and married. If a girl lives with someone for one night Then no one can stop them from marrying them. So the 11 year old girl married her favorite boy and gave birth to the son at the age of 11. 23-year-old Nanny Rifkas mother is 40 years old, who has now become a prostitute. Rifka also ran away with her lover at the age of 11 because she wanted to marry him. If you spend a night with your lover then you can not do any separation. Rikka wants her daughter to continue her studies, because her age is very small. She had become pregnant within 6 months of marriage. Friends, marriage at such a young age has a negative effect on parents health. Therefore, this tradition should be stopped.

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