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Watch My Youtube Channel Link : My Facebook Page Like : The way to get girl on social media If you know a girl on Facebook and want to impress. So you have to adopt some easy ways. You upload your own photo with a smart look. Capture more and more photos in such a look that the girl feels that you look smart. Because any girl needs smartness and good temperament to impress. It is only in movies that a rich girl is in love with a poor boy. Thats why you removed some of your photos. Make them a great edit. Or you can get someone to edit. And stick it on your profile. First of all check the profile of the girl you want to impress. And collect important information about it. As she reads the story and what is her interest in. What kind of TV serial likes him? And what kind of things she liked. You will know its nature with all these things. Share the status of the kind of things he likes, by posting on his Facebook post. Share the good articles. Share it with nice shiria, share it. It should have an interest. Make a profile like it liked. When he comes to check your profile, he should think that the boys choice is like me. Now lets make her a close friend as her friend. Lets chat with friends who know his life as he knows. Any normal girl will extract your friend request and make you friend but the real work begins after that. When you have a good relationship with her friend, tell her that your choice is her best friend. After this your work will be done soon. Friends, so much so that we come to you with such wonderful news that they follow us to make fun and share this news with them quickly and with their friends.

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