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Watch ពលទោអភ័ព្វ ,សុិន​ សីុសាមុត, You know everyone Sin Sisamouth (23 August 1932 – 18 June 1976) was a famous and highly prolific Cambodian singer-songwriter from the 1950s to the 1970s. He is a son of Sinn Leang and mother Seb Bunlei. He was the youngest of four siblings, with one brother and two sisters. His father was a prison warden in Battambang Province and was then a soldier during the Colonial Cambodia period. His father died of disease, and his mother remarried, and the union resulted in two more children. At the end if you want to listen his song you can also search by keyword bellow: sin sisamuth song, sin sisamuth, sin sisamuth song collection, sin sisamuth song mp3, sin sisamuth song karaoke, ros sereysothea songs, sin sisamuth old song, sin sisamuth video, sin sisamuth collection, sin sisamuth song playlist, sin sisamuth non stop, khmer oldies songs, khmerfreestyle99916879, khmer old song karaoke, khmer old song, khmer old song 1960, khmer old song sin sisamuth, khmer old song collection,sin sisamut,sin sisamuth old song,,khmer, khmer songg, khmer old song,ពេញ រដ្ឋា,Sin Sisamuth,Sin sisamuth song,Khmer old song,khmer oldies song,khmer music,Sinn Sisamouth,Sinn Sisamouth songkhmer old song sin sisamuth karaoke, sin sisamuth, sin sisamuth song, khmer old song

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