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Watch ឪពុកក្មេករើសកូនប្រសារ | Father in Law | ប្រជុំរឿងព្រេងខ្មែរ This story is about an old man seeking a good husband for his daughter. The first man was tested and lost the contest because he cursed the rock for not crying out as told by the old man. The second man was wise enough to tackle the puzzle, but the old man did not want him because he was ugly. Thus he tried some more tricks to tell him out but the young man always won for he always knew the tricks in advance by listening to the old man and his wifes plot at night. Being so tired and injured, the old man organised his daughters wedding at last. Folk tales and short stories play major roles in educating kids in a funny and interesting way. Therefore, it is a good idea to play such videos for your kids to listen everyday, especially before theyre asleep. So please enjoy all my videos. All events in the stories reveal the real-life experiences that you may apply in good decision making. It is especially advantageous for students at general education in Cambodia who are learning Khmer literature. Enjoy!!

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