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Watch CGI 3D Animated Short Film: Allisk8r Short Film by Anna Prado. Featured on Allisk8r Short Film by Anna Prado!!! senior thesis at Ringling college of art and design, 2017. Allisk8r is a 3d animated film that highlights snappy, flat cartoon animation style, fast action, and colorful throwback design In prehistoric times, a little alligator with a big attitude gets his kicks skateboarding and being a cool dude. But will Allisk8r be able to catch a break once the dino-law gets on his case?? Story, modeling, rigging, animation, editing, lighting, comp, all done by Anna Prado Music commissioned from Christian M Krogsvold AKA Waterflame, who did an amazing job! Website: youtube: Title on the board commissioned from my friend Kylee Solari, also amazing! behance: vimeo: Ringling college of art and design اشترك فى القناة شاهد ايضا قناة Elprof التعليمى All CGI Artists, Studios or Schools who like to Feature/Publish there work on CGMeetup website and Channels Shortfilm, Spot, Making of, Vfx breadown, Showreel etc Submit here or Contact us at [email protected] ----------------------- Please Note: All videos are uploaded after written copyright permission from respected Artists, Studios or Schools. or part of Creative Commons license for more details or dispute Contact us [email protected]

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