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Watch You know my waist waist means, otherwise you can read here This song has been very popular since the past. People climbed to the jubo My waist waist You must also sing this song, but what happens is the meaning of the waist. No, so let us tell you. This song is 30 years old First of all, know that the song that is heard in the latest version of this song has given its voice to the singer now, Pak singer singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Junaid Asgar. At the same time, the original version was written and sung 30 years ago by the famous Pakistani singer Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Headlines came at that time The first time that song came to the headlines that when a girl started singing on this song on the song, the dazzling dance people started sharing on social media. After this, for the second time, the song was filmed on Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan and Sonam Kapoor. He performed this song while adding a smartphone and won the hearts of the people. Every street has been famous Then what was this song began to be heard in every street, every house. Its popularity grew so much that it was taken in Ajay Devgns forthcoming release Badshaho. At the moment, this song should be filmed on any star, or any kind of beats decorated. The echo of the hearts of people arises. This is mean Now you know what is meant by my rasqa qamar. Actually, it is made up of Urdu words. In such a way, My Rubbs Qam means the moons jealousy. That is, seeing the beauty of which the moon started to burn In fact, it may seem like rashke waar, but when writing it, Ras-e-qamar is written. In which rush means jealousy or burning and qamar means moon. Therefore, by combining these two words of Urdu, these rasqas are compounded, which means the moons jealousy. It would be necessary to tell here that the word Kamar in Hindi means Waist only. By which the moon starts to burn Rashke kamar means that someone is so beautiful that seeing the moon is also jealous. Often in Urdu, this word is used by lover to compliment his girlfriend. When the boyfriend calls his girlfriend my words, she should understand that the boyfriend is telling her girlfriend the most beautiful in the world.

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