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Watch Sridevi was broken on that day, a mountain of sorrows, yet shot comedy scene There is a dialogue in Raj Kapoors film My Name Joker, The Show Must Go On. Raj Kapoors mother dies in the movie, yet she decides that she will entertain people, because being Joker, she is her karma and that religion is the same religion. It was a film story, but there are many celebrities who have lost their family members in Real Life, yet they did not break their commitments. A look at some such artists- 1. Sridevis difficult lamhe Upon reaching to Shri Devi till the news reached that his father had died, at that time he was shooting for Lmhe. Shridevi had returned to the shooting only after one day break and you will be surprised to know that he After completing the shooting of a comedy scene in Lemhe and he did it well. 2. No stray direction People remember Parmar as the character of Pankhari, playing the main character in Zee TV show Woh Apnaa Sa. Recently, this tragedy took place with them. His father died, but the direction started again after the shooting itself four days later. Since she knows how to look at the commitments and she is aware of how bad she could have been because of her absence. Talking about this, the direction said that his father has always taught that nothing more than work is going on. The father of the direction was killed in Delhi. 3. When Paid listened to Pukar At that time, Ad Sharma was shooting for Pukar show, when he got the tragedy that his father was not there. Paid did not understand the damage done to the rest of the team due to this pain and he continued the shoot. 4. You Me and Hum for Kajol   Kajol and Ajay Devgans film You Me and Hum were released on April 11, 2008, and Kajols father died a day earlier on April 10. The news that the release of the movie could have been stopped at that time. But, Kajol did not even take part in the promotion of the movie and the film was released on a fixed date. 5. Life in Fasts Pran Sahab was also sure about his commitments. During the shooting of Upkar, Pran got news that sister died, who lived in Kolkata. Despite this tragic news, Pran completed the shoot He did not want to stop the shoot due to him and the producer had to suffer the loss.

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