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Watch If there is no one at the time of heart attack, how to save his life in 10 seconds Think if you are coming back home alone in the evening and you have a sudden heart attack, what will you do? Perhaps you are thinking that your life will go away. It can be so, because during the heart attack you have only about 10 seconds. So in this way you can save your life by this method: - When you have a heart attack, you should be severely cured, because when you have a heart attack, your loud breath fills the lungs with oxygen and coughing causes your heart to shrink and then thrive because of the breath, Runs regularly and this increases your chances of survival to a great extent. As far as possible, send this message to each one. A heart-doctor even said that if every person sent this message to 10 people, then one life can be saved. You are most requested that instead of sending jokes, send this message to everyone so that people can save lives.

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