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Watch Bhishma Pitamah told the secret things of women After the Mahabharata war, when Yudhishtar became the king, he came to seek political education from the late Bhishma patriha on the roof of arrows. Bhishmas father-in-law, whatever he told Yudhishtir, is very useful for our lives. So, I know who was the words that Bhishma had told to the father-in-law Yudhishtir. The first thing is not to disrespect women. Bhishmas father had told Yudhishtir that all the work in the house where women are disrespected becomes unsuccessful. The daughter-in-law of both the daughters and daughters is fond of suffering due to suffering, the total is destroyed. Lakshmis habit is followed by keeping them happy and following. The second thing is that angry women give curses. The grandfather Bhishma told Yudhishtir that the homes which are cursed by women become annihilated and their beauty, prosperity and property are destroyed. The origin of the child is dependent on their nurturing and happiness and festivity. If men respect women, then all their work will be completed. The third thing is that wherever the women reside there god resides. According to Bhishmas father, if a womans desire is not fulfilled, she can not please the man, so women should always be hospitable and loved. Devotees are happy and reside where women are respected. Women are the only Lakshmi of the house and the men should hug them well. The fourth thing is that women have Lakshmi of the house. Women are considered to be like Goddess Lakshmi. In the house where a woman is considered to be goddess, there is no shortage of food grains in that house. The fifth thing is that the daughter-in-law is like a daughter. In the house where the daughter-in-law is treated like a daughter, the daughter of that house is very happy in her in-laws and the husband of a woman also gets success. With this the mercy of the deities in the house remains. The sixth thing is that lifting a hand on a woman is a sin. In the house where women are mistreated or raised on their hands, ie the woman whose husband kills him, then the husband becomes annihilated, and such a person can never succeed.

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