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Watch These 7 priceless things said by Lord Shri Krishna will change your life. 1.Implementing your duty, because the action is actually better than inactivity. 2. Whatever happened, happened for good; Whatever is happening, is happening for good; Whatever will be, only for the good. You do not need to regret any past. You need to worry about the future, it is happening, stay in the present. 3. Transformation is the rule of the universe. What do you think about death, in fact it is life, in an example you can be a millionaire, and in other cases you can roam in poverty. Yours and me, big and small-erase these thoughts in your mind, then everything is yours and you are all of us. 4. This body is not yours, nor are you from the body. The body is made of fire, water, earth and sky, and will disappear in these elements, but the soul is permanent. 5.Red not from that which was never and never will be what is real, always was and can not be destroyed. 6. Developing the right attitude towards our job and even making the worldly work together becomes a source of happiness. 7. There are three entries in the word - greed, anger and sin.

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