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Watch Do you remember Sahil Khan of style movie? Leaving movies now she has become a native Dan Bilzerian Do you remember the movie Style in 2001 and the sequel Xcuse Me in 2003? After both of these films, Sharman Joshis Bollywood career started. But these films were not only Sharman but also Sahil Khan. Sahil later did films like Aladin and Rama: The Sevier, but his Bollywood career was not able to climb. Although the world may call them unsuccessful, but they have changed their profession today and now they are the king in what they are doing! Sahil Khan is now working in the field of fitness and lifestyle in Europe and is making a lot of new followers from the pictures on Instagram. Nowadays Sahil is staring at a trip with his friends. Sahil, who has always been criticized for his poor film career, is sharing a lot of his Ash-O-Relief photos on social media with this trip. Sahil has shared his picture in which he is taking Sunbath on a beach and two bikinigars are giving him a massage. Sahil is pausing in his superb body with Blue Bikini Girl. With champagnes bottles, Sahil is saying thanks to his fans on social medias lyrics, tweets, feedbacks. This girl with a pink bikini is a special friend of Sahil. She is on social media named Love Rose. Looking at Sahils life of comfort, it seems that he is Dan Bilzerian of India. Dan Bilzaerian is a wealthy poker player living in California, California and is a fram for his life. Far from the failure of Bollywood, Sahil has made a big fan following today. Now it may be the only way to do your marketing, but at the moment, they are looking at a very good condition.

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