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Watch Women give it a lot of hours, the person gets the rent In this modern era, people are embroiled in a variety of problems like to get rid of stress and mental tension. Now we are going to tell you about a person whose name is Takanobu Nishimoto, living in Japan. The color gehuga, 5 feet 5 inches tall and the owner of a thin body is a person whose personality is such that people spend their time with them to pay them by hour. When people meet with ordinary looking tanaboo, They forget their every mistake, live life in a new way. Now you will be thinking that this person is neither an engineer nor a doctor, nor any consultant. Despite this, people give thousands of rupees only because they can spend time with them. Anyone can call them if they want to call. In fact, ocean is a person who is between 45 and 55 years old. 4 years ago he started giving this service to the people. So far 60 people have joined them. Appointments are done through the website. There is a fee to book online. And then they reach the place where they are fixed. General Nishimotos personality is the persons ability to understand and understand. Because of which the victims of loneliness, when they talk to them, they forget their every gum. All the women who are troubled by their loneliness or depression call them and talk to them and many women are also crying while talking. It is said by Takanobu Nishimoto himself. Yes but it is a different matter that it takes 1 hour 1000 Japanese Yen to talk to anyone. But they are mastered in sharing the pain of people. Friends Japan is a country where there are many people who are lonely. Because of which they go walking in the depression. In such a way, Tanchanu Nishimoto is a solution to his loneliness. By talking to them, people are able to get themselves out of depression. Apart from these there are many other people who work to provide this kind of service.

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