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Watch This child has Yogas passion, at the age of eight years, This eight-year-old child is well-versed in 32 yoga sessions. The special thing is that he has not trained Yoga. Seeing the programs of yoga coming on Baba Ramdevs TV, he constantly exercised and the result was apparent. Today, there is a smile in the area of ​​Asak Ali, son of Shakib Ali of Mathura, resident of Samastipur. The student of the first grade, Shakib, gives information about the yoga in his school too. He is also learning martial arts at school. He is also the best in studies. Yoga every morning Father Agasar Ali explains that Yak is born in Sakib. He starts yoga in the morning, because of which we scold. Family members repeatedly ask him to do his or her studies after that. But, he comes closest to studies and closes his mouth. Now he has started teaching the younger brother a lot of yoga. Shakib is in third place among five siblings. He makes yoga every morning at five oclock. During this time his siblings are present. He also gives them information about yoga. The youngest brother, John Ali, continues to follow his footprints. He has also known many Yoga and Asana. Yoga learned from Baba Ramdevs TV show Sakib is very well-versed in yoga that people are amazed at seeing him. The special thing is that he has not taken any training anywhere. People of the family do not even know about yoga and rugs. Baba Ramdev has learned that yoga by watching the program of yoga and rugs that run on television every day. Asghar Ali alias Kalu Bhai, father of Shakib, who runs at Gasti, Baloo and cement shop in Samastipur, says that his son has a rubber or sprinkling in his body. He wants to do that, rotates the body. If a trainer trades it, they are ready for it.

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