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Watch There was no gym or method of diet, but due to hard work and the Internet, this person changed his work. Dreams of making a good body are seen by many young people in the country but coming out of their Conflict Zone, seriously working for their body, few people can do it. This is probably the reason that most people start looking at the excuses of not being able to eat junk food at home, and this fitness fitness is limited in a few days. But Ghanas Samuel Kulili is made of different soil. Neither did they have equipment from the gym, neither the understanding of body building nor the manner of diet. But today, he has created such a body, which can be said to be the level of any professional bodybuilder. The special thing is that Samuel had little resources but he had two important things - his hard work and the Internet. Samuels, who has gone through a very poor country in western Africa, has changed his life due to a lot of internet and persistence here. Samuel also prepared the gym itself. He prepared Dumbbell from cement and Barbells from the old iron rod. Benches and squat racks are of wood and they have been made with hands too. Today, Samuels workout routine is viral on the Internet and many people follow him on social media. In fact, Samuel watched videos related to body building on YouTube and used information from these videos seriously. He learned about Diet, Exercise and Body Building from Youtube and included it in his routine. There is evidence of their seriousness regarding their body fitness. However, they needed supplements to improve their diet, but this one problem did not allow them to interfere in their success. He also learned a lot from many videos related to nutrition on YouTube and only made the traditional Ghana food and made a fabulous 8 pack abs. Samuels can be followed by their Instagram handle Kulbila_Fitness. The body fat of 5 feet 8 inches long is around 10 percent. Body fat of athletes such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Virat Kohli is found around this percentage. Samuels fitness proves that if you are in the heart and you remain honest with your diet and workout, then a good body can be made even with minimal resources. Samuel is the inspiration for every person who is scared of fulfilling their dreams due to lack of them, and yes, if you are looking for an excuse not to go to the gym again, then read this article once again, maybe you have a little Find motivation.

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