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Watch Menicure lasted for a long time, adopt these ways ... Many times with the girls, it is difficult to go to the parlor and get expensive menicure. But after getting out of the house, all of them are useless. But now you do not need to panic because today we are giving you some tips ... Often, when we get out of the parlor, we keep our hands covered with duplicity to protect ourselves from sunshine and dirt and think that we have saved ourselves. But sometimes it does not happen. Today Haram gives you some tips related to this .... To save your manicure for a long time, you rub cotton wool in white vinegar and rub it on your nails. This will remove the stored oil on your nails. After going to the parlor, do not keep your nails dipped in water for long. Doing this will make your nails soft and they can break even faster. Whenever you put in a nail polish parlor, keep in mind that the base coat is well placed on your fingernails. Use sparkle nail color on your fingernails best. Always have olive oil on your fingernails. The best if you sleep while sleeping will be more beneficial. If you have too much oil in your hands, then try using tailm. With this, keep washing hands from time to time.

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