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Watch Surprise report about women in Delhi Obesity is increasing in women of Delhi. In the last 10 years, 8-10% of obesity in Delhi has increased due to obesity. Obesity is almost 10% higher in women than men. The point of concern is that the difference between obesity in women and men was the same before and it is still the same today. This is revealed in the National Health Family Survey. From 21 February 2016 to 14 September 2016, this survey was conducted on 6,050 people of Delhi including 5,914 women. In this survey women have included obesity, anemia, HIV information, use of condoms, blood pressure, blood sugar and violence. The most shocking facts is the problem of obesity in women. There are many reasons for men to be overweight in most of the women. Doctor Prabal Roy, a bariatric surgeon at the Asian Institute of Medical Science, says that biological factors work behind obesity in women. In women of their country, Fat Cell is more than the rest of the world and Indian men. Body fat in men is 10% more than men. This fat where women have 25%, while men only have 15%. About this, Apollo Spectras bariatric surgeon Dr. S. s. Sggu said that women have hormones called estrogens. It changes their mood. When the mood of women changes, they start eating something to avoid it. Together, the ability of fat burning in women is low because physical activity reduces. Especially in urban women, their lifestyle and eating habits are a major reason for their obesity. Things like Burger and Momos are increasing their weight.

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