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Watch Know the snake bite treatment, do not know when your work comes ... First of all, know about the snakes that there are 550 types of snakes in the country. Like a cobra, viper, karit is such species of 550 species of snakes. Of these, there are 10 snakes that are poisonous, only 10 others are non poisonous. It means that there are 540 snakes that you will not have anything to bite. Do not worry at all. But the fear of snake bite is so much that man sometimes dies from heart attack. Does not die from poison, cardiac arrest dies. So fear is so much in the mind so it should be scared. That fear will come out When you know that there are 550 types of snakes, only 10 of them are poisonous. Someone whose bite dies, after which the most poisonous snake russell viper is after karit is followed by viper and one The cobra, which is known as Black Snake, is very dangerous and poisonous. If any of them have bitten, then 99% of the chances that death will be! But if you show a little cleverness then you can save the patient Whenever the snake bites, it has two teeth in which there is a poison that penetrates inside the flesh of the body. And in the blood, he leaves his poison. This poison goes upwards. Suppose the snake bites on the hand, then the poison will go towards the heart and then the whole body will reach. Just like this, if you cut it on the leg then it will go up to the heart and then reach the whole body. It means to say that the snake will bite anywhere, the poison will go to the heart and it takes about 3 hours to reach it in the whole body. Wat can be done ? In such a situation, you have to do it that a snake has to be tied slightly ahead of where the snake has been cut and it is so tight so that the poison does not reach it further. After this, take him to a doctor.

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