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Watch This is the river of death, which did not even get the corpse The Wharf River flowing in England (Bolton Strid) looks so beautiful that nobody goes on looking at its beauty, but whatever goes in this river, she never came back and found her dead body. . The width of this river flowing through the Bolton Abbey area is just 6 feet, but due to its high depth it has never returned. According to the information, when the river flows in Yorkshire it is very slow, but as soon as it comes to the Bolton Abbey area, its flow becomes much faster. In such a case, if a person tries to go inside this river in Bolton Abbey area, due to its rapid flux, he gets accustomed to the river and is hit by the fangs and his body gets absorbed in the trench. Not only that, the local administration has completely banned the entry into the river. It is said that there was the right to the woman, Lady Alaise de Romilli, on this field. In 1154, her son died due to falling in this river, due to which she made the entire area around the Bolton Priority Christian monastery Gave to

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